Musings: Delegating

Today’s topic is: “Do you like to do things yourself, or are you good at delegating?”

Here’s a little insider information… It’s been a long night/short night and my brain is not functioning at peak capacity. I’ve already spent 41 minutes searching the web for images of “too many hats” or “too many balls in the air” or “over-delegated to” and as a result, I just decided that instead of writing my usual long-winded insights, I’m going to keep this response brief. (I hope to be back to my normal loquacious self by Sunday. Thanks for understanding.)

There are a handful of things I really like to do myself; writing, baking pies, knitting, reading chapter books to my daughters, and sleeping are a few that immediately come to mind. Even if I had someone to delegate those to, I don’t think I would. In fact, that list is probably how I’d spend all my time if given the chance. (Fingers crossed for the Powerball drawing tonight.)

But there is a long list of quotidian things I would love to be able to delegate… washing dishes, folding laundry, vacuuming, cooking, grocery shopping… But unfortunately, those tasks have already been delegated to me!


That’s right, on this ship, I’m the first officer (which means second in command) so it often falls on me to “make it so.” For example, last year my husband asked me to design an online storefront for Plate Games, our downloadable travel games business. By working late into the night, after the children had gone to sleep, I did it! (A complete reimagining of our entire travel game concept is already on my To Do list for 2016.)

In all honesty, I don’t want to be at the very top. There is a real sense of security knowing that I’m not the target. In fact, I’m very comfortable being a second when I admire and respect my Captain. My husband Kurt and my former boss David (from my decade working in Boston) are both highly intelligent, creative, capable, and caring leaders, and that makes working with them/for them* a pleasure.

*Random thought… did anyone else see the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Raj and Sheldon started working together and they constantly argue about whether Raj was working for Sheldon or with him? First Star Trek and now Bang… I guess pop culture references are the only things my brain can come up with when it’s running on fumes. I better quit before this gets out of hand.


So are you a captain or a Number One? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

~ Phoebe DeCook

(P.S. If you missed my introduction to these daily “Musings”, you can read from the beginning here.)



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