Pi(e) Day Giveaway

Today is “National Pie Day! How are you celebrating?”

I’m a bit of a geek and I love that the mainstream has converted pi (3.14) day into National Pie Day. (May 4th being Star Wars Day makes me smile in the same way.)

I love baking pies.
I love eating pies.
I especially love giving pies away. 

So to celebrate, I’ve decided to launch my blog’s first giveaway. Here’s how it will work.


1. Visit this blog post on the phoebedecook.com website (here).
2. Scroll to the bottom where it says “Leave a Reply” (or if it’s not there, click on “Comments” in the top left under the date).
3. Submit a comment telling me your favorite flavor of pie.

It’s as easy as pie!

In one week (at midnight on 3/21/16), I will randomly choose one of the entries and I will bake them A FREE PIE! 

You may be wondering… “hey, what happens if I don’t live in southern Minnesota? How will you make me a pie?” Well, there is a magical company in Michigan called the Grand Traverse Pie Company and they ship pies all over the U.S. So if you are outside of my region, I will send you a $25 gift certificate so you can order a pie from them. (**Please note: As much as I would like to be, I am not affiliated with or compensated by the Grand Traverse Pie Company. I just happen to think it’s nifty that they have figured out a way to mail pies across the country! Even though I haven’t personally sampled their pies, I’ve heard that they are awesome. But if the good folks at the Grand Traverse Pie Company read this post and want to send me a free pie, I would be happy to verify how good they really are.**)

BONUS: If we get more than 50 entries, I will give away TWO pies! So pass this along to all of your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, fishing buddies, book club members, crafting circles, fellow soccer parents… and encourage them to enter also.

Don’t forget, you must leave a comment below to be entered to win!! (One entry per person. Eligible to residents in the U.S. only. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you about your pie.)

Good luck!

~ Phoebe DeCook

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18 thoughts on “Pi(e) Day Giveaway

  1. Mary says:

    I’m up early! We have favorite every season, strawberry in the summer, Apple in the fall and pumpkin all winter long. Way more special than cake for me.


  2. Diane says:

    Me, me , me…..you know where I am. Love berry pie


  3. Cando :-) says:

    Favorites have come and gone, but apple wins in the end… especially when made with two or more varieties of apples. Like it with ginger or vanilla ice cream or cheddar cheese on top!


  4. Melanie Bersano says:

    Pick me, Pick me!!! I love peach pie. Mhmmmmmm-hmmmm


  5. Viki Schaal says:

    I love pie, period. Guess my favorite is peach. Yum!


  6. Marla says:

    So hard to choose a favorite. Mcoconut cream


  7. Sarah says:

    Pecan pie


  8. Pat says:

    So many pies…so little time…how to choose a favorite? My mom’s cherry pie was always my request. How thoughtful of you, Phoebe! And your blog is great!


  9. Art Tiff says:

    Me! Me! Phoebe, I’m kind of shy so I should have a pie, Banana cream would make me scream, I’m so dear and you are so near maybe it would make me cheer, Grab a fork and give it a poke, Over the tongue through the gums look out Mr. Shy here comes your banana cream Pie! Just remember my smiles go for miles when I dream for banana cream! Now I don’t care what anyone says, Artie needs a banana tree to have his dreamy creamy banana cream! You would adore me more, if I new more, but since I don’t, just grease the pan put it in the ovan (rimes with pan) serve hot or serve it cold, banana cream will make one scream!


  10. ashleykotzur says:

    Pecan all the way.


  11. Kurt says:

    I am getting a pie made for me today by my beautiful, loving wife. I’m so lucky! It’s a triple berry pie (one of my favorites). I can tell you the pies Phoebe makes are the best homemade pies, completely from scratch, with no from-the-can or artificial ingredients! If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time. If I win the giveaway, I’ll have her redraw and give someone else the tasty pie. After all, I can usually have her make one for me within a day or two! Lucky me! :) Good luck!


  12. Tanae says:

    I love any kind of chocolate pie!


  13. Thelma Givan says:

    Not too fussy, although pecan is right at the top of the list.


  14. Kelly Bell says:

    chocolate chip pecan, yum, yum, yummity


  15. andi says:

    Hmmm… I have a special spot for cherry pie and Maine blueberry; would it be yuck to mix the two?


  16. Viki Schaal says:



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