Musings: Smiles

Today’s topic is: “What made you smile this week?”


Way back when, during my “self-centered and cheerless” teenage girl years as she called them, my mom posted this small sign on the bookshelf in my bedroom. She didn’t bother to take it down after I moved out and in a recent email, she said: “I find I still enjoy/need this advice when I get too wrapped up in all there is to accomplish or some such!”

I have certainly experienced moments of great frustration while parenting toddlers (and someday I’ll find out what a joy teenagers can be too), but I’m doing my best to move past those and focus on the things that made me smile.

Here are a few chuckles from this week…

On Monday, we were all doing yoga together on the freshly vacuumed living room carpet. The girls had heard me talk about cat pose, cow pose, and downward dog. At one point, our 3-year-old, Cambria, looked over at my husband and excitedly said: “Papa, you are doing chipmunk!”

On Tuesday, I overheard Cambria tell her little sister: “We have to hurry! We are going on vacation in our convertiler.” (Referring, of course, to a car without a top.)

On Wednesday, my husband served himself the last slice of pie and tried to sneak into the other room to eat it by himself. He was quickly discovered by our 2-year-old, Maggie, who cocked her head to one side and in the sweetest little tone possible, repeatedly asked: “You share? You share?” which of course he did.

But the thing that made me smile the most was a kid-less Thursday night at home playing cards with my hubby.

Playing Gin with my Hubby

While the girls were at their very first overnight slumber party ever(!!!!!), we played gin and added to our lifetime (since 2011) tally which currently hovers around 28,000 points. I had a particularly great evening, earning 372 points! He scored only 97 points all evening, but overall he is still 1,266 points ahead.

We also got to stay up to watch the Late Show and head to bed without fighting with toddlers about bedtime snacks, pajamas, or storytime! HEAVENLY!! He and I both agreed that we need to do this more often because once every three years simply isn’t enough.


What made you smile this week? Share in the comments so I can smile with you.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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2 thoughts on “Musings: Smiles

  1. Hi Phoebe,
    There have been a lot of smiles this week. Many because I am trying to focus on small pleasures in the midst of hectic work days.

    Outside of the smiles when my nearly 11 year old boy asked me to snuggle with him while he read, or because my 9 year old found a great costume by herself from our dress up drawers and closets to be Daddy Warbucks in her spring break camp, or over listening to my nearly 7 yr old tell me in extreme detail all the games she played in camp, I would like to introduce you to…the eagle cam!

    It was so much fun to watch them hatch, and also to see the excitement in the kids as they watched them hatch!


    PS – if you have not yet discovered the Wild Kratts show on PBS or the Kratt brother’s older show, Zaboomafoo, now on Amazon Prime video, I highly recommend them. These, and other nature “learning shows”, were the great foundation to a favorite dinner table game – I’m Thinking of an Animal. Basically 20 Questions focused on animals.


    • phoebedecook says:

      I remember Zaboomafoo! We came across an episode the other day and my girls were simply transfixed! Our current go-to for videos is Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. :)


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