Musings: April Fool

Today’s topic is: “April Fool’s Day! Tell us about an April Fool’s prank.”

I had an unusually productive day yesterday. It began, as it often does, with a delicious hot breakfast of home-laid fried eggs and local pork sausage, expertly prepared by my wonderful husband. It was a windy, overcast morning, so the girls, who are both fighting a springtime cold, passed the time playing inside. I sat nearby scheduling April’s social media updates for and publishing the monthly newsletter.

By lunchtime, I was in the kitchen, making five dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies. Then I attempted my very first cherry pie (using my all-butter crust recipe and the filling recipe from Cooks Illustrated). It baked up beautifully, with the cherries bubbling underneath the lattice and a pleasant-looking golden brown crust!

Cherry Pie

Before leaving the kitchen, I mixed up a loaf of our standard four-ingredient bread and put it next to the wood stove to rise. When the rain let up mid-afternoon, I headed outside to haul two wheelbarrow loads of firewood from the storage bunk to the back porch. Just before dinner, I put the bread in the oven, intended to serve it piping hot with the fragrant crock pot chicken that was waiting patiently on the counter. When the timer went off, I removed the loaf pan from the oven and set it on the cooling rack… And that’s when I realized that my oven had decided to play an early April Fool’s Day prank on me!


Even though it had been in the oven for 45 minutes, and the oven was set to the proper temperature, the crust of the bread wasn’t the deep golden brown I was expecting. In fact, there was no discernible crust at all, just a sour-looking pale white lump. I turned the oven off and back on again (that usually works for my computer, right?) and tried again for another 15 minutes. Still no improvement. I tried once more, for another 15 minutes, with the same mediocre result. The oven would turn on, but only heat up to about 100 degrees before shutting off again (all the while, the control panel is registering that it’s operating normally).

At this rate, my bread won’t be ready until May Day. But thankfully we have cookies and cherry pie to tide us over until the oven decides the prank is over and gets back to work.


Tell us about your April Fool’s Day prank in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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One thought on “Musings: April Fool

  1. arlene says:

    When I was about 65 years old…I called a friend on April fools day…I was sobbing and told her I was pregnant…I felt like a fool when she instantly became very supportive…oh we’ll figure this out, you will be ok, we’ll work together etc………
    Learned a lesson.


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