Musings: Fun at Work

Today’s topic is: “Do you have fun at your job?”

I used to have a ton of fun at my last corporate job. I would sit with my boss and drink tea while having long conversations about current events and politics (which was totally work-related, of course). There was a lunchtime knitting group that periodically met and I often went for walks along Boston’s shoreline during sunny afternoon breaks. But the most fun I ever had at my job was when I got to visit our offices in New York City and Pennsylvania. I would ride the train down, stay in fancy hotels, and eat amazing food in world-famous restaurants.

Steak at Les Halles NYC

After they announced that the Boston office was being shuttered, many of my long-term projects were abandoned, so I had more free-time at work. While my coworkers were spending time searching for a new corporate job, I began researching country living skills. I spent many hours binge-reading The Pioneer Woman blog and all the library books I could find on raising chickens, canning vegetables, and gardening.

At my current job (as a stay-at-home mom + homemaker = ‘stay-at-homemaker’), the definition of fun has changed. For example, this morning was fun. My girls and I went to the local library for story time and craft time. The librarian read books about springtime and we colored a picture of a puppy and a peacock with markers! Then we headed down the street to picked up our weekly groceries, all with very little whining, and no stern tones needed. It was good. (Not free-steak-at-Les-Halles good, but still good.) After lunch, they both went upstairs for a nap, again with no complaining! And that gave me time to sit quietly and write this blog post, which is fun for me.


Do you have fun at work? Share in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook


One thought on “Musings: Fun at Work

  1. Mary Eastvold says:

    I have always enjoyed my job, mostly because of the people I work with and yes we have fun. Lots of good discussions and learning from each other.


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