Musings: Haiku

Today’s topic is: “National Haiku Poetry Day. Share your best haiku poem.”

For those who haven’t thought about the word “haiku” since your grade-school English class, here’s what it means.

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that expresses a single feeling or impression and contains three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables.

So here goes… I wrote this one while trying to fall asleep last night.

Cold Feet,

Collapsed into bed
Frozen toes searching for heat
Toddler upstairs cries

This experience reminds me of Twitter. How many times have I wanted to tweet something, only to see red highlighting telling me it was too long?

As I write, I also find myself counting out syllables on my fingers. Geez, I haven’t done that since middle school! My three-year-old Cambria saw me and asked what I was counting. So I tried to explain what syllables are by giving her a bunch of examples of things we could see from where we were sitting. Then I told her about three line poems that had 5, 7, and 5 syllables and read her a few of the ones I had thought up. Then she said: “Can I write one too?” I said “Sure!” She said (while carefully counting syllables on her fingers):

Branch, branch, branch, branch, branch.
Branch, branch, branch, branch, branch, branch, branch.
Branch, branch, branch, branch, branch.

Then she asked if I would put it in my blog post so everyone would know about her poem.

A few hours later, she was having a snack at the dining room table and I heard her counting syllables again. “Tasty snacking. Thank you for the tasty snack. More tasty snacking please.” That’s a far better attempt than I could have written at three (even if it is 4-7-6 instead of 5-7-5).

This is kinda fun. I think I’ll try another one.

garden rows

Time to plant garden
Sunny, bright, warm afternoon
Oh, the food to come!

Okay, one more…

Yoga (

Friday night yoga
Blissfully thoughtless hour
Loving the “Me Time“!

Last one, I promise…

Cherry Pie

What could be better
Than baking a homemade pie?
Eating it, of course.

Please share a haiku poem of your own in the comments. It’s fun (and kind of addicting)!

~ Phoebe DeCook


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