Musings: Letter to Future Self

Today’s topic is: “Write a letter to yourself 25 years from now.”

letter to self

Please Deliver To: Phoebe DeCook, Yellow Cabana #7, Placencia, Belize

Yellow Cabana, Placencia, Belize

April 19, 2041

Hello dearest friend,

Holy cow! I can’t believe that we are almost 65 already. Isn’t it strange that in our head, we feel like we’re still in our late 40s?! I wonder if that will ever catch up to us. (I hope not.)

It’s been so long since I’ve had a chance to write to you. A lot has happened in the last 25 years, hasn’t it?!

I know it was devastating to lose our parents three years ago. But mom lived to be 92 and she passed knowing that Sarah, John, and we turned out well, and I think that is what most parents hope for.

Speaking of parents, I’m so happy to hear that Cambria and Maggie have grown up to be such wonderful young women. Aren’t you glad we started that college savings plan when they were only three years old? It sure came in handy when they both decided to go to college! Their early love of reading (and all the writing they saw us doing) turned into a lifestyle of continuous learning. It’s wonderful that at 28 and 27, they’re channeling their intelligence, kindness, and compassion into making the world a better place. Good job, Mama!

I’m glad to hear that Kurt, at 72, is still as healthy as an ox. It must be all the warm weather and copious sunshine in Belize. Isn’t it fantastic that, at the age of 58, we could afford to retire to the same place that our relationship began? Maybe that journey should be the subject of our next novel.

Speaking of novels, congratulations are in order! That little book idea we had while walking to the mailbox in 2014 turned us into “author of the second most popular book series in publishing history” (only slightly behind Harry Potter‘s 450 million copies, of course)! I knew we could do it!

I am so happy to see how happy we are. And I have no doubt that the next twenty years will bring even more joy. And even though the girls don’t call as often as we’d like (after all, we know they are busy with their own lives), you can be sure that someday they will realize that they had an extraordinary childhood and they will cherish the memories that we made as a family. Like the year we homeschooled them around the U.S. to visit all 58 national parks, and how we hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in 2026.

In the immortal words of Unspoken‘s Good Fight:

Until you stop breathing
Until you stop bleeding
Until your heart stops kick-drum beating
When it’s hard times
When it’s long days
And the enemy is right up in your face
When your back’s against the ropes and you’re feeling all alone

Keep fighting the good fight (Never give up, never give up)
Keep letting your light shine (Holding it high as long as you live)
‘Cause I’m never gonna leave you
Always gonna see you through to the other side
Keep fighting the good, fighting the good, fighting the good fight, good fight

Even in the road blocks (yeah)
Even through the rough spots
When you’re feeling you’ve given all that you’ve got
I’m with you in the next step
Giving you in the next breath
I’ll be the voice saying “You’re gonna make it”
When you’re out there on your own
You are never alone


You’ve gotten us this far. Keep fighting the good fight.

In gratitude,
Phoebe (age 39)


What would you tell your future self? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

~ Phoebe DeCook


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