Musings: Children at Work

Today’s topic is: “Happy Take Your Children to Work Day.”

As a stay-at-homemaker (stay-at-home mom + homemaker), every day is Take Your Children to Work Day! So today I thought we would create our own version: Happy PUT Your Children to Work Day!

We started with folding, hanging, and putting away three loads of laundry. My 3-year-old daughter Cambria shows great pride in being able to put t-shirts onto hangers and my 2-year-old daughter Maggie has nearly mastered folding washcloths into quarters before putting them gently into the bathroom drawer. They also have competitions about who can match the most pairs of socks from a huge pile of singles.

Next, we unloaded the dishwasher. Forks, butter knives, and spoons into their cubbies in the drawer, then lifting up plates, bowls, and cups so I could place them in the upper cupboards.

At meal time, I give them dishes and silverware to set the table, and after meals, they carry their empties to the sink.

And like any true farming family, everyone helps when it’s time to work outside. When we were preparing to plant the garden last week, it was up to the little ones to fill their buckets with rocks. As you can see, they took their responsibilities very seriously.


If you have other ideas about how to put preschoolers to work at home, please share them in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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