Musings: Perfect Day

Today’s topic is: “What ingredients make a perfect day?”

perfect day

The perfect day would start (and end) with a perfect night sleep. It would be one of those mythical nights where the children calmly went to sleep at 8pm and I had a peaceful hour to collect my thoughts before effortlessly falling asleep at 9pm. We would all sleep soundly and wake up with smiles at 8am the following morning. That would be the start of a perfect day.

While my husband prepares the perfect breakfast of home-laid eggs, locally-grown bacon, fried morel mushrooms, homemade bread, and hot tea, the girls would join me in the living room for a fun and energizing yoga practice.

After breakfast, we would get dressed without drama and head outside to enjoy a beautifully sunny spring day. We would work together to weed and water the gardens and finish the chicken chores quickly. Then, I would head to my writer’s retreat and the girls would play outside, under my husband’s supervision, until lunchtime.

When lunch was ready, they would ring the bell and I would join them for grilled cheese sandwiches, fresh garden salad, and a nice tall glass of cold milk. Pleasant conversation and clean plate clubs all round, of course.

After the perfect morning and lunch, my husband would head to the shop to work while the girls would happily settle down for a two-hour afternoon nap. That would give me time (and peace) to clean up the lunch dishes, bake a pie, and start prepping for dinner.

When the girls wake up (once again with smiles), they would sit at the table as they quietly enjoy an afternoon snack. Then we would head outside to fly a kite, push each other on the swing, or chase bubbles across the yard. They would continue to play together when I get to spend a few minutes helping my husband in the shop. Then we would all head back to the house for a delicious dinner.

After dinner, we would all sit around the living room and read chapter books out loud until the girls skip off to bed at 8pm.


Ahhh, dreaming sure is fun!

~ Phoebe DeCook

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