Musings: Mother’s Day

Today’s topic is: “Mother’s Day! What is your favorite memory of your mom?”

Mom laughing

This is one of my favorite pictures of my mother. It was taken a long time ago, and I have no idea what was so funny about chopping wood in the middle of a Vermont winter. But I love it because this is how I think of her: smiling and laughing. My mom is great at finding the bright side of life. And my siblings agree.

My brother John wrote:

She’s just the best, sweetest, kindest, most amazing!

And my sister Sarah comments:

Things I think are amazing about mom….she sends us packages and sweet cards just because. She is an inspiring creative woman. She treats everyone with respect and good humor, and she loves us all no matter what!

So to my mom Candace, my mother-in-law Pauline, and all the other fantastic moms out there, happy YOU day today! And thank you!


~ Phoebe DeCook

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2 thoughts on “Musings: Mother’s Day

  1. sistacand0 says:

    Dear Phoebe  (Sarah and John too)  — You are very kind and very welcome. :-)  You three (and your dads) have been the heart of my life.   When I saw the photo you chose, I was reminded of a favorite picture of my grandmother Bessie and her mother taken probably 60 years earlier.  Something about woodpiles perhaps!? 

    Hope you are enjoying today and celebrating the joys (I mis-typed it as “jobs” at first which is pretty accurate too come to think of it!) of motherhood today.  

    The only kids I’ll see today are the Rios family at Friends Meeting.  We worked together to create a MOM tribute like the one John made in kindergarten… It came out well in spite of some glitches/challenges.

    LOVE to all three of you — today and everyday.  Thanks for the card Sarah ~ I think I’ll save the seeds to plant in the fall.  My butterfly garden has been lovely and an inspiration, but I will let it rest over the summer with a nice blanket of compost. :-)

    Talk to you soon — Much love, mom :-)


  2. Diane says:

    Back at cha….


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