Musings: Snorkeling

Today’s topic is: “Have you ever tried snorkeling? What was your experience?”

I’ve had three memorable snorkeling experiences in my lifetime.

The first was in Florida when I was ten. I was swimming through a seaweed patch in the shallows and I came across a gigantic barracuda. (As my daughters would say “that’s not so good.”) In my mind, it was three feet long and all teeth, but it was probably more like 18 inches. That scare pretty much kept me out of the ocean for the next twenty years.

My second snorkeling adventure was in 2008 when I took a cruise to Bermuda. Being able to see all of the fish through the perfectly clear water made me feel alright about diving off the boat. We saw lots of fish, coral, and even a shipwreck. (Oops. That’s my thumb on the right side of the underwater selfie.)

More recently, on our pre-wedding honeymoon, my husband and I went snorkeling in the Laughing Bird Caye National Park off the coast of southern Belize. We had a wonderful time, even though the 11-mile boat ride there was pretty rough. (That’s my husband’s finger blocking out the picture. Disposable underwater cameras are tricky!) And apparently, this is the only photographic evidence that survived of our adventure that day.

Snorkeling in Belize 2012


Where have you snorkeled? Share in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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One thought on “Musings: Snorkeling

  1. Art Tiff says:

    I don’t think I do but my wife says I snorkeling every night when I’m sleeping!


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