Musings: Addictions

Today’s topic is: “What are you addicted to?”

This answer has changed several times throughout my life. And with my highly addictive personality, I have to be careful about what I start because I have trouble moderating my time.

Maggie, Phoebe, Cambria with blankies, May 2016

The girls wanted a picture with their blankies too!

When I was six, I woke up one morning and announced that I wanted to make my own security blanket. Since my mom ran a weaving school at the time, I went to the studio, picked out colors, sat down at a loom, wove straight through the day, and by bedtime, I had my very own snuggie.


Jill of the Jungle,

In high school, I had a computer game called Jill of the Jungle which I bought on floppy disk from one of the kiosks at the mall. (Wow. That whole sentence makes me sound really old!) It was a little like Mario where you had to run along, jump and swing over obstacles, and get to the end (for some sort of prize I can no longer remember). Well, let’s just say, I would have had better grades if I hadn’t gotten sucked into that game. And now I avoid video games entirely.


Egg McMuffin,

Food addiction has always been an issue. Between age 11 and 31, I was addicted to Coke (the soda, not the narcotic). For an extended period of time in my 20s, I ate lunch at McDonalds four days a week (and breakfast there twice a week). I still crave Egg McMuffins but they just don’t taste as good as I remember. Yet since meeting my husband six years ago, he has lovingly convinced me to give up all soda, fast food, and almost all highly processed foods, in exchange for healthy, fresh food. The only downside is we can no longer enjoy restaurant meals because the home-cooked versions taste so much better!

My current addicitons

Currently, I have only three real addictions (meaning 4-8 times a day).
~ Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea (with Milk and Honey)
~ Hersey’s Kisses
~ Checking Facebook

I figure it could be a lot worse! At least all of those things are cheaper than a coke habit.


Share your top addiction in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook


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