Musings: Perfection

Today’s topic is: “Do you feel pressured to be perfect?”

No, not perfect; no one is perfect. But I do feel pressure (from myself and from others) to be able to handle all of the responsibilities that come my way. And occasionally, that turns out to be too overwhelming. When that happens, I get grouchy and vent to my husband or my sister or a glass of wine or a chocolate cake. Then I reprioritize my duties and things begin to work smoothly again for a while… until I start to take on more than I can handle again and we start all over.

Mary Poppins,

Of course, I would love to be a SUPER-MOM and a SUPER-WIFE and a SUPER-HOMEMAKER and a SUPER-WRITER and a SUPER-GARDENER and a SUPER-CHEF. But no one person can do all that, not even Mary Poppins! (After all, I may be a full-time mom, wife, and author, but I’m only a part-time superhero.)

I know many people (women especially) strive for perfection in how they look. The billion dollar cosmetics and weight loss industries make that clear. I haven’t worn make-up since Prom 1994 and yes, I have to make a conscious effort about what I eat in order to maintain a healthy weight. But thankfully, I don’t obsess over how I look. I wear clothes that are comfortable and make me feel good. I eat food that is good for me. I try to get enough sleep and exercise.

Overall, I’m far from perfect, but I’m perfectly satisfied with how my life is turning out.


~ Phoebe DeCook

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