Musings: Monthly Resolutions

Today’s topic is: “What are your goals for this month?”

I was watching the news last February when they mentioned that gym attendance drops off sharply after February 10th because people give up on their New Year’s resolutions after not seeing huge results from their first five weeks of effort. So I thought up a brilliant new approach to resolutions.


Instead of trying to make a huge change that lasts a whole year, why not make a small, more attainable goal for each month? Didn’t I read somewhere that if you do something every day for 28 days, it becomes a habit, thereby making it easier to continue long-term?

So in March, I started my own version of monthly resolutions.

March: Daily Flossing My Teeth – Nailed It

April: Averaging 10,000 Steps a Day on My Fitness Tracker – Nailed It

May: Practice Yoga Every Other Day with My Daughters – Failed It
(The girls like to do yoga with me, but after about 10 minutes, they think climbing on my back is more fun. So unless I can practice when they are outside or napping, I don’t think it’s going to work at home. Hopefully, my Friday night yoga classes will resume this fall.)

So going into June with a 2-1 record, I will continue to floss and strive for 10,000 daily steps, but my June resolution will be… Drink 8 glasses of water? Nope. Sleep 8 hours a night? Nope.

No Sugar No Flour,


For the last two weeks (or so), my husband has pretty much stopped eating flour and anything with refined sugar in it. That means no more desserts, no cereal, no homemade bread, no ice cream, no pasta, no flour tortillas… You know, all the good stuff. But as a result, (after the initial withdrawal phase) his whole body is feeling great! His heartburn has basically gone away, he has no other serious tummy troubles, and he has started to lose a bit of pudge around his belly.

I don’t have any good medical reason to cut out sugar and flour. I feel fine as I am, but I would feel more confident if I lost five pounds around my midsection. (That pesky pregnancy belly isn’t staying off the way I had hoped.) Plus, if I make a dessert while my husband isn’t eating any, then I’ll end up finishing an entire batch of brownies or a full-sized pie by myself. Then I really will have weight to lose.

So, in an attempt to be even more healthy than we already are, I’ve decided to try to cut out flour and added sugar (for a month). I still plan to eat fruit (which I know contains a form of sugar) and small amounts of honey. And I am giving myself the option of a special-occasional cheat because there are too many upcoming graduation parties that I don’t want to miss out on. But I’m going to give it a try and hopefully, I can get past the withdrawal grouchiness without tearing my family apart. (By the way, the girls will be exempt from this foolishness. They will continue to eat like normal human beings, including the occasional dessert.) Wish me luck!


What monthly resolutions would you like to try? Share your ideas in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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5 thoughts on “Musings: Monthly Resolutions

  1. Art Tiff says:

    My goal this week is to get the lobby, two restrooms and two closets all painted in the new Library! I have them all primed and two restrooms with one coat of paint. I don’t mind painting but it makes it a long day when you work eight hours and then go paint for four plus hours. All the work is going to be worth it because we will have a new and exciting Library in Kasson, MN!


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