Musings: Tag, You’re It

This morning, I was reading posts by one of my fellow bloggers, Frankie Fancies, and came across this game. It’s like a game of tag, but with a happy purpose. #TheHappinessTag is a great idea and here is my contribution.

The rules for this tag are simple; list 5 things that make you happy and 5 songs that make you happy, then nominate 5 other bloggers to complete the tag.

Five Things That Make Me Happy

1. Watching my daughters sleep


2. Baking pies

Pie, May 2016

3. Discovering beauty hidden in nature

Bark, June 2016

4. Visiting friends in other worlds through reading

reading quote

5. Putting my thoughts in order and onto paper

why write


Five Songs That Make Me Happy

1. La Vie En Rose – Edith Pilaf

2. Everybody – Ingrid Michaelson

3. If I had a Million Dollars – Barenaked Ladies

4. Extraordinary – Liz Phair

5. Something to Talk About – Bonnie Raitt



Five Bloggers Who’s Posts Make Me Happy

Full Life Made Simple  |  That Weird Brown Girl  |  Rationalising the Universe  |  Ramblings  |  Storyshucker  |


I encourage all of you to spread happiness in your own corner of the world because we could always use more happy people!

~ Phoebe DeCook



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