Musings: Security Blankets

Today’s topic is: “Did you have a comfort object or security blanket as a child?” 

Phoebe and Her Panda, 1982

When I was young, I had a stuffed panda. (That’s me standing on top of my father’s most recent acquisition, which I think was an antique thresher.) I can’t remember if the panda had a name, but I remember that it eventually split a seam near its arm and little clouds of fuzz began to leak out. Even so, it was a great source of comfort to me well into high school. I suppose I took it with me to college, but when I went looking for it recently, it wasn’t in my box of childhood memorabilia so I’m afraid it was lost during one of my many moves across the country. (I also wove my own security blanket when I was six.)

My two daughters have similar companions.

Maggie and Cambria with Bears,

Cambria, who is three and a half, has Green Bear. It was the very first gift that we received after we announced I was pregnant. During the winter when Cambria was two, she announced that Green Bear was cold, so I knit it a tiny black sweater.

A few months ago, Cambria declared that Green Bear was a girl. She has since given her lessons in potty training and they celebrate Green Bear’s birthday every few days. With all the loving she has received, Green Bear’s fur has thinned and her bow and sweater are long gone, but is still a constant companion. Cambria also keeps a close eye on her special blanket. It was beautifully quilted by our dear neighbor, Mrs. Carroll.

Maggie, our two-year-old, has her own bear, which I unimaginatively named Teddy. (We already had two other bears named Brown Bear, so my options were pretty limited.) As is typical (and unfortunate) with the second child, I honestly can’t remember who gave him to us or when. But I remember making a conscious decision to put toys and blankets aside so that Maggie would have a few new items instead of all hand-me-downs. Her blanket is a very soft store-bought one, which was a gift from one of my husband’s brothers, but I was sure to write her name and year on it so she knows it is just for her.

These four objects are the only toys we don’t expect the girls to share with each other. And we’d be hard-pressed to get a peaceful night sleep if any of them went missing. Let’s hope we don’t have to encounter that anytime soon.


What kind of comfort item did you have? Share in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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