Musings: Summer Plans

Today’s topic is: “What are you looking forward to this summer?” 

It’s the first official (full) day of summer and already I’m exhausted and sore.

In the last couple of days, I’ve put an excessive amount of broccoli (from our garden), Bing cherries (from The Fruit Club), and strawberries (from a local farm) into the freezer.


I also baked four miniature peach pies (two for my parents to celebrate Father’s Day and two into the freezer until my NoSugarNoFlour monthly resolution is over.) They were more time consuming than I expected, but the end result was pretty flipping adorable.

Peach pies,

And last night, just before bed, my foot slipped and I bonkity-bonk-bonk-bonked down the stairs on my rear, while trying to catch myself with my now-sore arms and shoulders.

So even though it’s nice to have productive days once in a while (wasn’t I just commenting that I didn’t have many of those anymore?), my nearly 40-year-old body isn’t quite keeping up like it used to. (Thankfully, the homeopathic remedy Arnica has been helping me feel a lot better.)

There will be more harvesting and preserving as the summer goes along, as well as keeping a close eye on the weeds that try to grow in the garden, but the other thing about summer that I’m looking forward to is… finishing ‘Hawkeye’, our newly renovated 1972 Ford E300 camper!

My husband has been pulling long hours in his shop to put the finishing touches in and it really looks phenomenal! (When it’s photo-ready, I’ll post some amazing before and after pictures.)

Of course, the fun part will be driving around watching people’s reactions to the crazy old van. We are already planning day trips to visit my parents who are spending the summer in Northfield, Minnesota. And there will be a few overnight adventures nearby to make sure that the sleeping bunks work before we head out on a long road trip to the east coast this fall. (If you see us in your neighborhood, take a picture and share on Facebook for a free gift!)


Share your summer plans in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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