Musings: Pro…cras…tin…ation

Today’s topic is: “Do you procrastinate or do you like checking things off your list as fast as you can?” 

Well, I’ve put this off long enough. Originally, this topic was assigned in early June, but I didn’t feel like answering it at the time, so…


Actually, I am a selective procrastinator.

If the task is something I enjoy, like taking a nap, baking a pie, writing, or reading, then I do it as soon as I can.

If the task is something I don’t like very much, like weeding the garden, vacuuming, or cleaning out the chicken coop, I usually need about 24 hours to psych myself up. When the motivation level is high enough, then I do it.

If the task is something I really dread, like confronting a disappointed authority figure, then I put it off as long as I can, hoping that eventually the mood will strike, or hoping that the issue will resolve on its own or somehow become irrelevant. Thankfully, I don’t come across this category of tasks very often.

I found this image on Pinterest. “If Not Now, Then When” seems like a pretty good philosophy to have for most things in life.

Share your procrastination logic in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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