Musings: Immortality, No Thanks.

Today’s topic is: “What superhero power would you NOT like to have?”


“With great power comes great responsibility.”
~ Spiderman comic book (Stan Lee, 1962)

There are so many superhero powers to choose from. Some seem great on the surface (super strength, omniscience, invisibility) but dig deeper and even those come with warning labels.

I think that several would be fun and interesting to try out for a while, but the one I really don’t want to tangle with is… IMMORTALITY. I definitely don’t want to live forever.

Love the Life You Live,

It would be so sad to fall in love with someone and then watch them grow old and die without you. To watch the ups and downs of history repeating itself, again and again. Or to watch the world change, seemingly always for the worse. (Geez, I don’t sound particularly optimistic this morning, do I?)

Part of the joy of living is knowing that it will end someday and appreciating it while you can. Being immortal would rob you of that.

After all, is it a coincidence that most immortal fictional characters are villains? (I’m not talking about the original Greek and Roman gods; I mean more recently like vampires and supervillains in the DC universe.) I propose that without the threat of death, immortals are forced to find emotional stimulation elsewhere and preying on mortals seems so easy. Immorality resulting from immortality.

Maybe there should be a 12-step program which could help immortals find more productive outlets, like introducing them to the joys of macrame, paper twilling, or watercolor painting. Or a job placement program that offers exciting opportunities in volcano photography or deep-sea salvage diving. Certainly, there must be enough adrenaline-pumping jobs to keep an immortal busy for at least a century or two, right?


What super power would you NOT like? Drop me a comment.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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2 thoughts on “Musings: Immortality, No Thanks.

  1. Melanie Bersano says:

    I’d have to agree with you. Immortality just seems heartbreaking. What are the chances you’d fall in love with another immortal?


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