Musings: Favorite Fireworks

Today’s topic is: “July 4th! Here in the U.S., this is Independence Day.  What’s your favorite type of fireworks?”

Flag and Fireworks,

I love a good fireworks display! When I lived in Boston, I spent one Fourth of July on the Esplanade, listening to the Boston Pops but the crowd was way too big and the fireworks were so close they were uncomfortably loud. Early in our courtship, my husband flew out to Boston to spend the weekend of the Fourth with me. We took a picnic dinner to the beach and watched the fireworks display shine out over the ocean. It was much more pleasant all around.

It seems that whenever there are fireworks, there are people always ooo-ing and ahh-ing and at some point, someone invariably says “oh, that one’s my favorite!”

Types of Fireworks,

For a helpful review of the most popular types of firework patterns, check out this video.

My favorite is the weeping willow that leaves behind long trails, especially when they strobe on the way down.

I hope you all have a safe and healthy Fourth of July!

What’s your favorite type of firework? Drop me a comment.

~ Phoebe DeCook


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