Musings: Writing Tools

Today’s topic is: “What is your favorite writing tool? Do you only use the computer, or do you still love pen and paper?” 

Notes or Computer,

I love paper (I’m a not-so-secret school supplies addict even though I’m no longer in school) but tend to use it only occasionally to jot down ideas, character bios, reminders, or quick stories and facts that I can flesh out into full blog posts (or novels) later on my laptop. When I really sit down to write, 95% of the time, I use my Dell laptop.

I’ve heard that some authors constantly carry around a notebook or index cards to write down story ideas, quotes they overhear that could be used by one of their characters, and other random things that pop into their heads. I haven’t gotten in the habit of doing this yet, but I think it’s because I expect to get a lot of material from my preschool daughters. Maybe when I have a bit more time to think, or interact with other adults, I’ll find a notepad to carry.

Like I said, I love writing on my laptop. Here are the four main reasons why.

I can type almost as fast as I can think.
If I had to hand-write my thoughts, I’d lose half of them before they all got down on paper. But with typing, I can pour it all out at once and then go back and easily edit and edit and edit some more. I also dislike the messiness of editing on paper. A simple cut and paste seems so much cleaner.

View from the Livingroom,

My laptop has a wonderful view.
I can write while sitting in a very comfortable chair in my living room with this incredible view while watching my daughters play together. (Although I think [and write] best during quiet naptimes.)


My laptop comes with a dose of inspiration.
You may have noticed in previous posts that I have my favorite fortune cookie message taped just above my keyboard. It reads, “Your wisdom will find a way.” What could be more inspirational than that? When I move into my yet-to-be-built writer’s retreat/tiny house, I will frame my fortune, along with a couple of other favorites.


If you are a writer (or you ever type anything online) and you haven’t installed this on your computer yet, do it now. It’s priceless and free! I use it like a third set of eyes, after proofreading myself and having Spellcheck underline words that I long ago forgot how to spell properly. It will check not only your spelling and grammar in email, blog posts, and word processing, but also in your social media updates.


How do you write? Share your writing wisdom in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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