Musings: My Favorite Blogs

Today’s topic is: “What are your five can’t-miss blogs? Write about them and share some link love.” 

I follow a wide variety of blogs. Some bloggers are artists or poets. Most are storytellers. A few are photographers and more than a couple are 20-somethings just trying to figure out how to make adulting work.

But the blogs I look forward to most are those that write about things I hope to do someday. I see these bloggers as my mentors, my guidance counselors. I can learn from their experiences and when I have a chance to actually get off the couch, I will be wiser and more prepared, thanks to them.

Here are my five current favorite blog destinations.

Full Life Made Simple

This woman in Washington is building her own tiny house! A great inspiration (and step-by-step tutorial). I can’t wait to start building mine someday soon!

Suzie M. Jennings

This lady is currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from southern California to Washington state. Her daily trail journals are combined into a weekly blog post with pictures of the scenery and tales of the real-life struggles that arise during long-term hikes. I look forward to learning from her experiences so I will be more prepared for my 2026 Appalachian Trail adventure.

Urban Garden Family

A Michigan woman is achieving the sustainable dream while living in town. I love her enthusiasm and she proves that you don’t need to live on a farm to grow your own food. My heart broke for her when the city made her get rid of her chickens, but I’m sure she will persevere. A green thumb after my own heart.

Joshi Daniel Photography

This blog, based in India, contains some of the most stunningly beautiful photographs of people I’ve ever seen. They are certainly frame-worthy works of art. His posts remind me to step outside my tiny bubble and remember it’s a big world out there, full of millions of interesting people and billions of interesting stories to discover.

Tastable Insatiable

Everything she makes looks and sounds delicious! A wonderful variety of entrees, snacks, desserts, and more made with normal, real-world ingredients. Her blog posts inspire me to put down my laptop and march off to the kitchen because I desperately want to eat them right now!


I’m always looking for fun blogs to read. Share your favorite with me in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook


2 thoughts on “Musings: My Favorite Blogs

  1. Diane says:

    Anne Bogel’s blog, The Modern Mrs. Darcy is my favorite blog and I love her podcast, “What Sould I Read Next?”


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