Musings: Blogging as a Teacher

Today’s topic is: “What is something blogging has taught you about yourself?” 

I’ve been blogging (on one site and another) for the past five years and during that time, posting has taught me several things about myself.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I really enjoy the process of writing. I’ve also discovered that I love to share photos of my ab-fab life with the world. Sharing my stories has made me feel even more grateful for the wonderful direction my life has taken.

Do What You Love,

During the last five months, writing my daily Musings has taught me that there are some topics I love to write about and others I just do my best to get through. Some are emotionally draining (like crying through a therapy appointment) while others are whimsical and silly. Overall, I have loved the variety of topics! And many have rekindled long-forgotten stories from my childhood, allowing me to reconnect with some of my happiest and saddest memories.

I’ve been surprised that some of my favorite posts aren’t those that resonated with my readers (based on how many of my Facebook friends saw it.) Maybe they were published on a particularly busy news day. Or maybe the topic that I found so interesting to write about just wasn’t that interesting to other people. I don’t know, but the good news is that if someone decides they want to learn more about me or read my stories, they will always be able to come to this website and find them lined up next to one another.


~ Phoebe DeCook




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