Musings: Responding to Change

Today’s topic is: “How do you respond to change?” 

In a word: slowly.

I think most people are averse to change. There is something comforting about the status quo. And in my mind, there is a big difference between responding to change and initiating change.

As you know, I’m a big fan of initiating change when I don’t like the way things are going. But having things outside my control change makes me feel squirmy.

It reminds me of the Serenity prayer and this abbreviated variation:


I’m still working on this, and so is my husband, although he’s much better at it than I am. Here’s a quick aside. On our very first date, after eating dinner at a Chinese food restaurant, he selected a fortune cookie from the tray and before he opened it, he declared “I am going to do what this cookie says.” Much to our surprise, the fortune read “Welcome change” and the Learn Chinese word on the back was husband. Since then, he has been true to his word, gracefully accepting more change in his life than either of us thought possible. Old dogs can learn new tricks if they want to.

To be honest, when things don’t go the way I was hoping, it takes me some time to adjust to the change.

For something relatively small, like my husband telling me that we are leaving tomorrow for a week-long road trip, I get grouchy and frustrated about not having more time to prepare and plan. (I’m a big fan of having a plan.) But after wildly packing and rushing about, once we are on the road, I’m over it.

For something big, like my husband announcing we are are moving to New Zealand next week (which he wouldn’t and we aren’t but I needed an example of something big), there would still be rushing about, but the grouchy phase that comes with the inability to plan would last longer. I’m sure once we were settled into our new home with a delightful flock of sheep in our backyard, I’d perk up again.


Share your method for dealing with change in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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2 thoughts on “Musings: Responding to Change

  1. Sandra Cason says:

    I have had so many changes in my life I’m not sure where to begin. From moving countries and then moving States twice, to becoming proud American citizens. Without this huge change in my life many of the accomplishes and dreams we have made happen would still be dreams and not the reality that they are today. Our eldest son is in his last year of Medical Dentistry and when this finishes next May he will be joining the USA Army as a dentist for four possibly eight years. He told us that he is proud to serve in the army and it’s his way of saying thank you to this great country and his way of giving back. Our youngest son is a mechanical engineer and working for a very big company and helping in the design of airplane engine blades. He was chosen and has been supported by this company in every way possible for him to follow his dreams.
    One should not be afraid of change but take it for all it has to offer and learn from it and make it work!


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