Musings: S’mores

Today’s topic is: “National S’mores Day! Share your favorite s’mores-inspired recipe.” 

S'mores Day,

Last weekend, my family was lucky enough to be invited to a neighbor’s house for an evening of campfire fun and dessert. While there, we toasted marshmallows on sticks and assembled gooey, fresh s’mores for everyone in attendance. My daughter Cambria, age 3 1/2, thought it was delicious, but Maggie, age 2, took two bites and handed it over to me to finish. (Just call me Hoover.) So, but the end of the evening, I had had more than my share of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.

It had been many, many years since my last s’mores experience. And while I love the ritual of creating them, I think the proportions of the individual ingredients leaves something to be desired. (I feel the same way about nigiri, the sliced-fish-over-rice-type of sushi. Instead, I prefer the fish-to-rice ratio in sushi rolls.) My impression is that typical s’mores recipes, with two layers of graham crackers, end up tasting a bit dry. So, if you’re looking for a more moist version of s’mores, I recommend substituting gooey chocolate chip cookies for those plain graham crackers. (It also adds a little bit more chocolate to the mix which is never a bad idea in my book.)

Cookie Smores,

And if you’re looking for a delightful grown-up treat while sitting around the campfire, try Bailey’s in toasted marshmallow shots!

Marshmallow Shots,


Share your favorite s’mores recipe in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook


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