Musings: Brain Dump

Today’s topic is: “Free write for 7 minutes – and publish without editing.” 

(This is very difficult for me because I’m an editor at heart… but I’ll try. Here goes nothing.)


As I was thinking about this post, I realized that it is perfect for today because the girls are on their way home and I only have ten minutes to write anyway. They’ve been away at an overnight with Grandma so that my husband and I could celebrate our third anniversary. And holy cow, it’s already past noon! How the day flies when you get to wake up late. I’ve already baked a triple berry pie for my sister’s birthday present and started a loaf of bread (on the rise now) and there is a batch of homemade granola in the oven now. So the whole house smells like a wonderfully inviting bakery.

Kurt has been cleaning and dusting the house this morning as I was cooking. We are now ready for guests.

My sister and her husband are visiting Minnesota this week and they will be spending the night in a tent on our west lawn tonight. I had to dig in the back of my closet to find the tent and sleeping bags. I suppose they could camp out in Hawkeye, our newly restored vintage camper van, but I think they will choose the tent instead. By this time next year, I hope to be able to offer them a real bed in my tiny house (writer’s retreat/guest house). I’m so excited to have that space. (Note to self: look into how to get the wifi to reach that far.)

Kurt asked me at breakfast if I missed the girls yet. At the time, I was still reveling in the joy of having had an uninterrupted night sleep and a long, uninterrupted shower. But I think he was missing ‘their cute little faces’ as he put it. But by late morning, I was already looking out the kitchen window at the long driveway to see if they were coming down it. Now that I know they are on their way, I’m excited to hear about their second overnight adventure together (fingers crossed it all went smoothly). And I’m really excited to spend several hours with my sister. I’ve already confirmed that we get to sneak away tomorrow morning for a few hours of coffee while the guys watch the girls. Yippee!!

Well, time’s up. I better get to preparing lunch. I’ll sure they will be hungry again by the time they arrive home.

Have a great day everyone!

~ Phoebe DeCook

P.S. ~ I promise I didn’t edit (I’m sure you can tell), but I did add the links after the time had run out. But I don’t think that’s cheating.


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  1. Great! I must try that. Good idea :)

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