About Phoebe


Phoebe DeCook lives in southeastern Minnesota with her husband, two daughters, two barn cats, and a handful of free-range chickens.

In 2022, Phoebe and her family decided to begin a new adventure: designing and building a tiny house named “The Treasure Nest”. Follow their progress as they design and build a very special structure that will serve as a private office, guest suite, and storage for Phoebe’s most prized (material) possessions: vintage typewriters, books, and yarn.

~ ~ ~

She also shares her homeschooling adventures and daily life posts on her Facebook  and Instagram pages.

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One thought on “About Phoebe

  1. fromdreamtoplan says:

    Hi Phoebe! Happy to have found your blog! I enjoyed reading your presentation and some of your posts! Looking forward to following you and reading more! :)


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