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September 2016

CBS Sunday Morning LogoMusings: News Source

Theodore Roosevelt, biography.comMusings: Genealogy

Brain Dump, mycoachforlife.netMusings: Brain Dump

Anniversary Wine Tasting, phoebedecook.comMusings: Third Anniversary

August 2016

Queen of the Falls, Chris Van AllsburgMusings: Travel Book Review

Old Farmhouse, phoebedecook.comMusings: Favorite Room

Family at State Fair, phoebedecook.comMusings: A Day at the Fair

Be Gentle, consciousink.comMusings: Family Motto

Water Popsicles, phoebedecook.comMusings: Summer, Now and Then

Treadmill, womensrunning.competitor.comMusings: EASIEST Exercise Plan Ever

Trees in Seasons, 1stloveministry.comMusings: Now I’m a Tree

Nicholas Sparks quote, quotesgram.comMusings: Most Memorable Moments

ButtonMusings: Buttons

mcferrinMusings: Earworms

Phoebe gymnast 1988, phoebedecook.comMusings: The Olympic Effect

Phoebe and Dad 1980, phoebedecook.comMusings: Favorite Childhood Food

online friendsMusings: Besties

Classic Joke, faze.caMusings: Punchline

Chateau Theatre, Rochester MNMusings: Childhood Traditions

Playing Gin with my HubbyMusings: Lifetime Card Game

Lisa Simpson, simpsoncrazy.comMusings: My Cartoon Self

TV Remote, newscientist.comMusings: A Year’s Entertainment

Adam in 2000, phoebedecook.comMusings: Life’s Too Short

S'mores Day, calendarholidays.xyzMusings: S’mores

Oversharing Online, carmelcougarnews.comMusings: Online Persona

Picnic Table Before, phoebedecook.comMusings: But First…

Sarah and Mom 1992, phoebedecook.comMusings: A Product of Our Parents

Breakfast buffet, lightsontheedge.comMusings: Breakfast for Eternity

Accept Change, pinterest.comMusings: Responding to Change

Garden Gift Basket, thecarebasket.comMusings: Gift Basket

Cobblestone street, Alsace France, sun-surfer.comMusings: Travel Bucket List

People Ellen DeGeneresMusings: Celebrity for a Day

Do What You Love, seanwes.comMusings: Blogging as a Teacher

July 2016

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald DahlMusings: Best Book This Month

Phoebe age 12, phoebedecook.comMusings: Bad Hair

Annie, gymdollbeauty.comMusings: Mommy Role Models

joshidaniels.comMusings: My Favorite Blogs

Phoebe and Nan, Jan82, phoebedecook.comMusings: Long Lost Friend

Ring, phoebedecook.comMusings: Boredom Busters

Twins, phoebedecook.comMusings: Being a Kid is Hard

Cattle Herding in the Rain, phoebedecook.comMusings: Gotta Love the Job

Holding the Door, theodysseyonline.comMusings: Brighten Someone’s Day

Life Change Ahead, tschreiber.orgMusings: Planning a Life Change

Slice of blueberry pie, phoebedecook.comMusings: Blueberry Pie

Removed, by Eric PickersgillMusings: Cell Phone Etiquette

Maggie and Kurt in Van, Margit JohnsonMusings: Take a Walk

Ice Cream Sandwich, phoebedecook.comMusings: Ice Cream

Accessories, phoebedecook.comMusings: Accessorizing

Family History, chicagotribune.comMusings: Telling Our Stories

Notes or Computer, teessayho.dynu.comMusings: Writing Tools

Hike Naked, appalachiantrails.comMusings: Nude

Day Lilies, phoebedecook.comMusings: Favorite Colors

Simplicity, clipartbest.comMusings: Simplifying

Clapping, hrovercoffee.comMusings: Proper Motivation

Picnic guests, phoebedecook.comMusings: Teddy Bear Picnic

BananaBakeryCookiesMusings: Sugar Cookie Day

Converting Cassettes, phoebedecook.comMusings: Soundtracks from the Past

2008 Bermuda Drinks Reading, phoebedecook.comMusings: Wanna Get Away?

Water Popsicles, phoebedecook.comMusings: Beat the Heat

Wayne's World, denofgeek.comMusings: First Kiss

Flag and Fireworks, allthingsaudiology.comMusings: Favorite Fireworks

Allergic to Politics, lookhuman.comMusings: Running for Office

Keep in Touch, Keeping in Touch/Reunions

Love the Life You Live,
Musings: Immortality, No Thanks.

June 2016

Intentional Detour Winery, phoebedecook.comMusings: Favorite Wines

Smoothie Cups,
Musings: Taste of Summer Visitor Map, June 2016
Musings: Why I Love Social Media

Garden Shoes,
Musings: Summer’s Shoes

Driving Tractor with Dad,
Musings: Forgiving My Dad
Musings: Gratitude List

Tiny House Floor Plan,
Musings: Dream (Tiny) House

Tornado Radar,
Musings: Tornado?!
Musings: Pro…cras…tin…ation

Frozen strawberries,
Musings: Summer Plans

Letters from my past,
Musings: Found
Musings: Lost

Buying Books Online,
Musings: Splurging

Security Blankets,
Musings: Security Blankets

My Maternal Elders, 1979
Musings: Lessons from My Elders

Color Magic for Beginners, Richard Webster
Musings: Color My Mood

Light Bulb in Box
Musings: Thinking Inside the Box

Musings: Nightmares

Family at Pudding Hill, July 1977
Musings: First Memory

why write
Musings: Tag, You’re It

Phoebe Laughing, by Sarah Kotzur
Musings: Favorite Photos

first kiss
Musings: Falling in Love

Musings: Packing for Vacation

Musings: Solitude

Summer Reading,
Musings: Summer Reading

Phoebe Graduation Mike Louis, 1994
Musings: Adulting… Go!

Musings: Summer Crowns

Musings: Doughnut Day (or is it Donut?)

Musings: Monthly Resolutions

May 2016

Vermont foliage,
Musings: Tree Hugging

Tomb of Unknown Soldier,
Musings: Honoring Memorial Day

Phoebe with Trombone, 1986
Musings: Music

Musings: Dessert of Choice

Mary Poppins,
Musings: Perfection

Musings: Quotes to Live By

Two Truths and a Lie,
Musings: Truthful Tuesday

Treated Corn,
Musings: Advice for New Parents

Clean peas in bucket
Musings: Putting Up Peas

El Tucano, Costa Rica, Jan 2016
Musings: Swimming

Musings: Time Travel

No More Junk Food,
Musings: No More!

Braided Rug by Margit Johnson
Musings: Rag Rug

My current addicitons
Musings: Addictions

Mud Season 1982, Phoebe age 5
Musings: Mud Season

TV Comedy ensemble casts
Musings: Comedy Ensembles

Reasons to Smile
Musings: Facebook Smiles

Room by Emma Donoghue
Musings: Haunting Book

Bucket List Foods
Musings: Bucket List Foods

Musings: Flower Meanings

Snorkeling in Bermuda 2008
Musings: Snorkeling

Musings: First Sights

Mom laughing
Musings: Mother’s Day

Musings: Gifts for Mom

Mr. Harris, Eighth grade
Musings: Favorite Teachers

Battle of Puebla,
Musings: Cinco de Mayo

star wars day
Musings: Star Wars Lunch

Musings: Freedom of the Press

Our 'butter spoon'
Musings: Unique Habit

Musings: Two Sides of May Day

April 2016

perfect day
Musings: Perfect Day

Musings: Arbor Day

Cambria picking rocks out of the garden, 2016
Musings: Children at Work

Musings: Yellow Dress

My beautiful garden, June 2015
Musings: Gardening Tips

my states
Musings: Travel

Maggie and Naldo Steenhoek
Musings: Family History

Musings: Shakespeare

Earth Day 2016
Musings: Earth Day

Social Media Icons,
Musings: Social Media

Musings: Lying

Yellow Cabana, Placencia, Belize
Musings: Letter to Future Self

Cream cheese
Musings: Cream Cheese

Musings: Haiku

Blueberries for Sal, Robert McCloskey
Musings: Children’s Books

tax time
Musings: Tax Time

Homemade granola goodness
Musings: Pecans

Before tidying
Musings: Chores

Schlotzsky's Original sandwich
Musings: Sandwich Envy

WWII propaganda poster
Musings: Generations

clark home
Musings: Cat in Car

Main library in Cincinnati, closed in 1955
Musings: National Library Week

Sarah Kotzur
Musings: Siblings

Prevent Diabetes
Musings: World Health Day

Beautiful garden June 2015Musings: Spring Favorite

Steak at Les Halles NYCMusings: Fun at Work

stepsMusings: Exercise

My Dead OvenMusings: Snowballing

Donate Life logoMusings: For a Cause

breadMusings: April Fool

March 2016

old vanMusings: Road Trip Fear

Amelia EarhartMusings: Notable Women

weddingMusings: Happy Days

Easter Egg SurprisesMusings: Easter

Yoga ( Me Time

Chipmunk Yoga ( Smiles

Lake Tahoe 1991Musings: Childhood Vacation

Puzzle ( On Being a Writer

crowMusings: Pets

Blogging tipsMusings: Blogging Tips

Movie snacksMusings: Movie Snacks

miata 1Musings: First Car

interviewMusings: St. Patrick’s Day

Florida Drizzle Castle 1986Musings: Beach

@phoebedecook on instagramMusings: Instagram

changeMusings: World Change

fireflyMusings: Light

moabMusings: Bravery

rossMusings: Sales

balancingMusings: Balancing Act

winter panoMusings: Financial Freedom

FamilyTreeMusings: Family

princessMusings: Favorite Movies

DCOMusings: Staying Organized

pattymeltMusings: St. Patty’s-Melt

beachingMusings: Perfect Getaway

be-your-best-selfMusings: Defining Oneself

Musings: Caucusing

Leaping Back

February 2016

letter to selfMusings: Letter to Self

picardMusings: Delegating

scissorsMusings: Mountain vs. Molehill

IMG_20160224_183255407_TOPMusings: Personal Style

grouchyMusings: Cheer Up!

groceryMusings: Grocery Savings

badge2Musings: World Thinking Day

Whole_chickenMusings: Chicken Recipe

cassattMusings: Before Kids

Ordinary GraceMusings: Mysteries

P1140280Musings: Photography

MusingsMusings: Getting to Know Me…

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