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Musings: Blogging Tips

Today’s topic is: “3 tips to make blogging easier.”

I wrote my very first blog post on May 16, 2011, while vacationing at my parent’s house. It was called “Beautiful Sunday in Phoenix.”

Sunday in Phoenix

Woke up early, to bright sunshine and mourning doves in full song.

Extra large mug of hot tea in the kitchen with my mom before breakfast.

Fresh fruit salad, farmers market eggs, and homemade blueberry muffins, to die for.

Interrupted occasionally by the shrill chirping of baby sparrows in a nest under the eaves.

Lazy afternoon in front of the television, enjoying the Nascar race in Dover.

Fixed the convertible top on my mom’s car.

Quick trip to school to check out the upcoming organizing project for the week.

Late afternoon nap.

Sushi for dinner.

It’s nice to be home, even if this isn’t really home anymore.

Since then, I have published 870 posts on my personal blog, which I titled An Intentional Detour. I began by writing about my transition from working in a corporate job in Boston to living the rural life in southern Minnesota. More recently, I’ve been sharing my adventures in parenthood and married life.

Blogging tips

Here are a few tips that I’ve learned over the years that make blogging easier.

1. Write what you know (and love).

It’s just easier that way. If I tried to write about the current state of the economy in Japan or the political situation in Australia, it would take me weeks to research (and I might still get it wrong). So instead, I write about my family, my experiences, my thoughts, and my dreams. Those are the topics I am passionate about and if I write about them in an interesting way, hopefully my readers will enjoy them too.

2. Choose photographs (and your title) wisely.

Everyone loves photos. They help draw people into your story (and they give you material to write about). Photos slow down people’s scrolling long enough for them to read the title of your post. If you choose them both thoughtfully (and the topic piques your reader’s interest), then it’s up to the rest of your writing to keep them reading.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly logo

Last month, while browsing through a writer’s group discussion on LinkedIn, someone mentioned Grammarly. I downloaded it immediately and now I absolutely love it. It will “check your grammar right from your browser or Microsoft Office. Improve your writing in emails, documents, social media posts, messages, and more.” It works as a spell-checker and grammar-checker in any program you use, including right here on my WordPress blog posts. It is super easy to install and it’s FREE! (If you haven’t already discovered this tool, download it today!)


My final piece of advice for all bloggers is this… Folks are taking time out of their precious day (or night) to read your blog. Make it worth their while. Do your best and be proud of your published posts.


If you blog also, share your tips (and your URL) in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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