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Musings: Splurging

Today’s topic is: “National Splurge Day. What is one thing you always splurge on?”¬†

I try to be conservative when it comes to spending money. There are many things that I’m not even tempted to buy: clothes, shoes, furniture, a new car… But there are a few items that I have to fight against the urge to buy, and sometimes I fail.

My splurges are usually books, yarn, or chocolate. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought any yarn because I have a huge stash that I haven’t had time to knit. And since my June resolution was “no sugar, no flour”, I haven’t snuck any chocolate into the house recently. But last¬†week, I lost all control and bought a slew of used books off Amazon.

Most are about writing (and will go on my reference bookshelf in my to-be-built writer’s retreat/tiny house), but I also found two about homeschooling that looked interesting.

Either way, I’ll have lots of things to read this summer!

What do you splurge on? Share in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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