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Musings: Accessorizing

Today’s topic is: “What is your favorite accessory right now?” 

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You know that accessorizing isn’t your strong suit when your idea of bling is a black silicone ring and a fitness tracker.

It’s true. I stink at accessorizing.

My stay-at-home mom/homemaker lifestyle doesn’t include jewelry, except my wedding ring. However, recently my husband has expressed concern that my klutzy ways will probably end in a metal ring ripping off my finger like Jimmy Fallon, so I bought a thin black Groove silicone band through Kickstarter. And I love it. It’s lightweight. It doesn’t make a tink-tink sound when I touch glasses or drop my hand on the counter. And it is very durable (unmarred through gardening, dish washing, and a gazillion diaper changes). And they have great customer service and a friendly return/exchange policy if it turns out you hate wearing it.

Plus my Groove ring matches the black silicone strap of my UP move that I wear on the other wrist. Matching! That’s something good, right?

On days I want to feel extra fancy, I put on a pair of stud earrings. (As I said, I stink at accessorizing.) My current go-to pair is a tiny set of amethyst and silver studs that my husband bought in 2012 on our pre-baby/pre-wedding honeymoon in Belize. Maybe someday I’ll go all out and buy a set of stud earrings in every color of the rainbow so I can match whatever color t-shirt I happen to be wearing that day. (Not-so-subtle hint: They are already saved on my Amazon wishlist if anyone wants to buy me an early birthday present.)

I used to have a favorite necklace. It was a simple silver chain and was the first gift my husband ever bought for me. (He later admitted that he bought it from a kiosk at the airport on his way to visit me in Boston in 2010. And he accidentally left the price tag on, but it’s the thought that counts, right?) As my Mother’s Day gifts, I bought four little silver letters (my family’s first initials K, P, C, and M) to hang on it. It was simple but classy-ish, and of course, it had special value for me. But at some point in the last six months, I realized it has gone missing. Hopefully, it is tucked safely in some odd piece of luggage I used last Christmas and I’ll discover it in three months when I start packing for our next trip. (Yes, I could probably go check the luggage now but since it’s in the back of my closet and I’d have to move seventeen boxes of baby clothes to reach it, it’s not likely that will happen.)

And of course, the ultimate accessory that I don’t want to live without is my smartphone. I went wild and got a two-tone purple case for it. There are a few features I don’t love about it but I really like the convenience of having the world (and a camera) in my pocket.


Share your accessorizing wisdom in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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