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Musings: Summer’s Shoes

Today’s topic is: “Flip flops or bare feet? What does summer comfort look like in your world?” 

Since yesterday’s post was a bit heavy, I decided to lighten it up today. I’m going to share my favorite footwear for summer.

In my little world, I have specific styles of footwear for several different occasions.

Inside the old farmhouse, everyone goes barefoot. Shoes (and dirty socks) are left in the front entry. The girls have a decorative pink box that holds 6-10 pairs without causing a tripping hazard. I’d like to say that this policy helps keep the house cleaner, but after a few days, the floor looks like an entire village walked through the kitchen with their shoes on. Maybe I’ll find time this morning to sweep (then again, maybe I won’t).


Garden Shoes, phoebedecook.com

When I head outside, I slip on my lime-green short garden shoes that I got from Target. (The first time I tried to walk across the lawn in my bare feet this summer, I stepped on a bee and stung my foot! Holy buckets, that hurt a lot more than I remember them hurting!) They are perfect for walking around the yard, weeding the flower gardens, or collecting eggs from the hen boxes. With just a small lip on the back, they are easy to slip off and on (although I have to check them for bugs before sliding my bare feet in) and when they get dirty with free-range-chicken lawn fertilizer or grass clippings or mud, I just hose them off.

Wellies, phoebedecook.com

For the occasional serious work that happens around the farm, like weeding the prickly raspberry patch or the quarterly “Coop Scoop”, I have a pair of tall L.L. Bean Wellies (rubber boots) which work well with the full coverage outfit (jeans, long sleeve shirt, and gloves). I usually avoid scheduling those jobs on super hot days.

Sandals, phoebedecook.com

And then there are my summer ‘town’ shoes. They are a generic version of Teva’s that I bought at least 20 years ago. Every fall, I vow that I’m going to retire them and get ‘real sandals’ for next summer, and yet, here they remain. I know that other adult women wear much more stylish (and no less comfortable I’ve been told) shoes, but I simply haven’t found a different pair yet. (To be honest, I haven’t really looked and until these fall apart, I’m probably too frugal to just throw them out.) Besides, we’ve been through a lot together. These sandals took me white water rafting in 1999 and four years ago when I was pregnant, my trusty old sandals protected my soles when my swollen feet no longer fit into sneakers.


If you know of comfortable (and relatively inexpensive) summer shoes, please leave a comment below. I’d love some recommendations on where to start shopping.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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