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Musings: A Day at the Fair

Today’s topic is: “Have you been to a county or state fair this summer? Tell us about it.”¬†

Last weekend, our family spent the day at the Minnesota State Fair (with 180,563 other people). My extended family came in from Arizona, Maine, and Chicago to join us for all the excitement. My aunt Margit once again took fantastic photos.


Group Photo State Fair 2016, Margit Johnson

Jen, John, Sarah, Ashley, Mom, Mike, Kurt, Phoebe (with the #MinnesotaGrown girls front and center)


We saw artwork made out of seeds and grains, similar to this postage stamp example I found online.¬†Cambria was excited to make her own version of seed art using Elmer’s glue and an index card.


We ate a sickening variety of delicious food: potstickers, bacon cheeseburger, chocolate milk, chicken kabob, french fries, taffy, chocolate chip cookies, and apple turnovers.

We saw chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, and even show pigeons. My guess of 1,200 pounds won the group’s bet for how much the largest pig weighed.

A major highlight was when nearly half of our group went careening down the Giant Slide together.

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Before we left, we made sure to visit the Alphabet Forest, a kid-friendly area focused on reading. They let us add large letters to pool noodles as photo props.

Family at State Fair, phoebedecook.com

Here is our picture from three years ago when we used Cambria’s “I’m gonna be a BIG sister” onesie to announce to my family that Maggie was on the way.

State Fair 2013, phoebedecook.com

Thankfully, this year, the weather was lovely; not too hot and only a light sprinkle every now and then. But after five and a half hours (with lots of walking and no naps), the four of us decided it was time to head home.

Ride Home from Fair, phoebedecook.com

The rest of my family stayed several more hours to enjoy more food, art, and entertainment.

Share your favorite fair memories in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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