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Musings: Besties

Today’s topic is: “What does friendship look like in your world? Tell us about your best friend and what makes her (or him) special.” 

This is kind of a tough topic for me. In my lifetime, I’ve moved around a lot. I grew up with friends in Vermont, but moved to Arizona when I was 11. I had friends through high school but then went off to college. After attending three colleges over five years, I moved to Boston and made friends through work. But five years ago, I moved to southeastern Minnesota, and now I’m a stay-at-homemaker (stay-at-home mom and homemaker) with two young daughters. With all that moving, I’ve had trouble keeping in touch with old friends and meeting new ones.

Of course, I’m very fortunate to have a loving and supportive family (both on my side and through my husband’s huge family). But I don’t have very many local non-family friends. Those I have had a chance to meet were through a Moms Group and my public library. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my local library?!) Even so, I don’t have a chance to see or talk to them in person very often.


All I can say is “thank goodness for Facebook!”

Can Facebook friends really be considered besties? I think so. Even though we don’t see each other in person regularly, I communicate several times a week with a small group of ladies on Facebook. We share good news and bad. We make each other laugh. We send each other supportive messages and cry together. (Most of them are regular blog readers too, and I especially like to be able to share my stories with all of them here.)

So while I’d love to have more time to pursue a real social life, for now, I’ll just have to stick to emojis and memes. Maybe someday I’ll be able to plan coffee dates or tea parties or whatever offline friends do together.


Are you a stay-at-home mom too? Please leave your tips for making friends in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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