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Musings: Teddy Bear Picnic

Today’s topic is: “Have a teddy bear picnic with your favorite children and share the cuteness in pictures.” 

Summer is a great time for a picnic. And since the weather outside is blustery, my daughters and I discovered that it’s just as much fun to have picnics inside.

We started by finding the perfect picnic blanket for the living room floor.

Picnic Blanket, phoebedecook.com

Then we packed a picnic basket with snacks and water bottles.

Picnic Basket, phoebedecook.com

And finally, we gathered their favorite teddy bear companions. Cambria and “Green Bear” are inseparable while Maggie holds tight to “Teddy Bear”. I’m still mourning the loss of my childhood panda, so I went stag. We all sat on the living room floor and unpacked the basket: almonds, dried apricots, and baby Goldfish crackers.

Unpacking Picnic Basket, phoebedecook.com

The girls made sure that our guests were sitting comfortably and could reach the snacks.


Then they made sure they ate.

And Cambria shared some love with Green Bear too.

picnic love

It was tough to get a picture of them holding still, but I finally got these two that were nearly in focus.

Everyone had a lovely time. Maybe next time we’ll take the picnic outside.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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