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Musings: First Kiss

Today’s topic is: “Tell us about your first kiss.”

What’s more romantic than having your first kiss during a movie? Well, what if it’s 1992 and the movie is Wayne’s World?

Wayne's World, denofgeek.com

That’s right. My first kiss was during my sophomore year in high school in a movie theater and the most accurate word to describe it would be ‘awkward’.

It wasn’t how I dreamed my first kiss would be. I had two boyfriends before this one but I hadn’t kissed either of them (much to their dismay). The boy I kissed was a senior I didn’t know very well. I would find out later that he secretly wanted to date my older sister, but she wasn’t interested.

I remember sitting in the theater and sensing that a kiss was coming. I had an excited butterfly feeling in my stomach when he stretched his arm around my shoulder. But the kiss itself turned out to be too wet and slobbery. I remember wiping my face with my sleeve when it was over. Needless to say, that guy wasn’t the love of my life and the relationship ended shortly thereafter.

Since that first kiss, I’ve known good kissers and bad kissers. I’ve had soft and sweet kisses, passionate kisses, and sorrowful kisses. It would be many years before I had my first kiss with someone I truly loved. But thankfully, I’ve been lucky enough to have met a couple of great kissers in my lifetime, all of whom hold a special place in my memory.


Tell me where your first kiss was in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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