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Musings: Cell Phone Etiquette

Today’s topic is: “What are your rules for courteous cell phone use?”¬†

I think that since everyone and their cousin has a cell phone these days, it’s rare to come across a rude cell phone user. But there are several things that still need to be mentioned when it comes to proper cell phone etiquette.

Here are my three hard-and-fast rules.

Don’t annoy other people.

If you’re in church or on a crowded bus, it’s probably not the best time to talk on the phone. Just be normal and silently text, email, or read Facebook like the rest of us.

Don’t ignore other people.


If there are other humans in the area, direct your attention towards them. Not 10% of your attention, all your attention. Talk, listen, laugh, cry, whatever. Just be present. (I love this image and others from Eric Pickersgill’s collection titled “Removed“.)

Don’t injure other people.


I find it hard to understand why there are still so many fatal crashes involving texting and cell phone use. Nothing is more important while driving a car than… driving a car! Whatever your phone is beeping at you about, it can wait. And if it can’t wait, find a place to safely pull over and then deal with it. If you’re thoroughly addicted and can’t seem to put your phone away, download one of the free apps that will disable¬†your phone while driving.


Share your cell phone rules in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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