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Musings: Swimming

Today’s topic is: “Would you rather swim in the ocean, lake, or swimming pool?”

Well, I am going out on a limb and declaring that it is officially NOT winter anymore. The freezing temperatures we endured last weekend will not be repeated (at least until the end of September) and that means I can start to think about warm-weather activities, like swimming. (By the way, our garden lost carrots, green beans, sunflowers, and parsnips during that cold snap, but the Glass Gem popcorn and broccoli seem to be recovering; and thankfully we hadn’t transplanted the tomatoes yet.)

My girls (ages 3 and 2) are already asking if they can bring the small plastic pool out of the garage. Filled with frigid water from the hose, they love to jump in and out until their feet acclimate or the sun heats up the water enough to make it bearable (whichever comes first).

I like to swim, although I prefer to do so only with members of my own species. My early ocean experience included a barracuda, so I’m not super keen on swimming with animals that could easily eat me (or part of me) for lunch. And while the chances of coming across a ravenous creature are lesser when swimming in a lake, not being able to see the bottom makes me feel uneasy. So that leaves swimming pools, although I’m not a fan of all the chlorine. That’s why I choose D) geothermal river/pool.

One of my favorite swimming experiences of all time was at El Tucano Resort and Thermal Spa in Quesada, Costa Rica. Situated on the banks of a geothermal river, they divert a portion of the warm, nutrient-rich water into a chlorine-free swimming pool. A local insider also told us about how to sneak around the back of the hotel to swim in the river, which was lovely and secluded, with jets of hot water bursting out between the rocks  (although I was occasionally freaked out by the lizards that ran across the top of the water). At least it was nice to know that the water was too warm for piranhas and alligators (I think).



Share your swimming preference in the comments.

~ Phoebe DeCook

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